New twist on cork

It’s always enjoyable to see an application of natural materials to solve a market and practical need. Cork for a corkscrew and several other handy applications. Aurelian Barbry has managed to create a complete set of touchable and useful objects called “Winebar” that have a warmth and integrity which really fits the culture. Very nice but it would be even better when he opener used some simple levers to make it easier for someone who doesn’t want to show their muscles to pull the cork from the bottle. Sometimes myth/romance and reduction of the material/product experience to fit a “simpler life” image ends up reducing the marketability of a really nice idea.



A clock that helps you haptically remember what you «woulda, coulda, shoulda» done. It is the kind of new product which brings one back to the immediacy and integrity of acting to make or break a habit. Just the kind of products which I like to see which celebrate and connect basics behaviors, materiality and everyday acts.

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