Learning by making: Open source workshops

BetaHaus in Berlin is an open design workshop and you can catch the energy of what they do in this Album, BetaHaus

And check out their offer on their website at: http://www.betahaus.com/berlin/

It takes courage to share what you think are your best ideas with others and come to admit that collaboration can produce synergy that everyone learn from. Such opportunities to bring people back to making things and learn simple design methods so they can better design and respond to their environment is inspiring and I think necessary.

That is because many people have become unable to work with tools and hands but also hearts and eyes on creative projects. We spend so much time connected to our work, entertainment and relationships through screens, there is less and less time to connect to material and real world challenges. Lifestyle trends show that we manage our physical fitness better then we do our creativity with; workouts in the gym, a day of skiing, a walk with the dog or hanging out for some ball sport. We have many good ways to relax and recreate, shop or socialize but are forgetting how to making things.

There are growing number of hobby (D: Basteln) courses like the Migro’s and Ballenberg craft courses for adults try to reverse this trend but it doesn’t appear on WhatsApp. For young people here in Switzerland technical workshop ends with 9th class just when they can really do and be proud of some quality work with a bit of design from themselves. But working in 2D on their smart phones they can create, edit, and transmit over multiple channels; pictures, movies, books and recommendations to different social circles.

//player.vimeo.com/video/9290664“>Open Design City upcyclingA
Betahaus Workshop, Berlin 2011,  http://www.fastcodesign.com

To set up a workshop for small group of 6-10 here in Bern, call me and we can investigate how to design and make your ideas into products.  I offer fast paced and fun workshops to groups. Keith Riggs 079 506 6484

There is a good Fablab here in Bern and it is well run by Ramun Berger. If you’re interested in learning about 3D printing or laser cutting to make objects check out his offer at http://www.fablab-bern.ch.

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