Workshop: Clothes pins for the future


Clothes pins for the future

This is an introductory “design thinking” and practice workshop is for grades 6-8 students.

Content:  The study and making of a simple everyday object to introduce and explore product design.

  1. simple mechanics and low cost production
  2. simple user experience: ability and age, gestures, motion and attention
  3. ideation:  what else could a clothes clip do/be? How could it look and feel? Doing it differently.
  4. the form, function and experience
  5. making and showing

clothespin-color basicpegs clothespin-circle

Goals: introduce the practices of design process as problem finding and solving methods. Developing an idea with models. Attractive finish. Prepare a simple presentation of the product. Presentation.
Themes: Theory of leverage, caring for user abilities, design finds new forms, needs and uses.

The workshop is conducted in three half day stages: investigation, creation and production/publishing.

For more information please contact me: Keith Riggs, Riggs design in Bern  BN 079 506 6484