Presentation examples   CITYPark-woodisacolour-com

Guidelines for presentation media and methods.

All the creative professions and many scientific fields are defined by the qualities of their published material or output. Each has its own; traditions, avant-garde, aristocrats and rites of passage to catch attention and win audiences. Some are very dogmatic like the form of psychology Phd. papers as well as many swiss architectural competitions. In design and architecture, one of the main reasons for prescribing submission form and standards is to ensure that the productive and creative energy is focused on the specific challenge. This focuses the productivity of the submissions as well as makes judging  criteria more objective. This follows from the adage: Only the well crafted question can produce high quality answers. For many years it was not easy to find great presentations because everyone guarded their ideas and products but in the last few years this has changed and open sourcing ones achievements has led to a flood of material from which one can be inspired and learn from.

Behance is a great place to look at online creative portfolios.

but also Pinterest creatives all one to find the kind of work one is interested in, the people who make it and then to look at how the present their works.
Here is an example of  beautiful work.

There are so many wonderful works across cultural borders and praxis taboos but it is clear which works are outstanding and convincing.  Find someone whose work you love and copy them until you see for yourself.

… AND THEN when you have mastered your own skills, call them up and ask if you can get involved and do some work together.

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