Circular Design Thinking workshops by Keith Riggs at the Impact Hub Bern.

What are the new economies? How do we begin to fix the mess of our consumer driven economies inwhich humans and materials are treated as if they are cheap and inexhaustible? How do we slow the polluting and destruction of our ecosystems?

By re-imagining our economies as circular and understanding that waste, under appreciated extraction and exploitation are unsustainable we open the way to radically shift the way we relate to our physical world and materialism. Much of the current stress and concern in the political and economic context arise from the time of rapid change we have been swept into and must work through. Creating sustainable services and industry are at the heart of our success and there are many good examples of profitable and circular solutions.

Join me and bring your sustainable challenges for Saturday morning, June 24, at the Impact Hub Bern. Together we explore how the Circular Design and DesignThinking systems, methodology, tools and best practices help us accelerate our ways of working to reduce our human impact on the planet and do so with viable returns and far better integration between consumers, actions at a distance with producers.

Sign Up for the workshop at:
Perhaps this article helps begin the research to build understanding.

A new relationship with the products, a circular economy, stuff and food we use from day to day would save resources and energy and create local jobs.

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